Arnotts Has A New Vegan And Dairy Soft Serve Ice Cream Bar • Betty’s Milk Bar

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Arnotts Has A New Vegan And Dairy Soft Serve Ice Cream Bar • Betty’s Milk Bar

Get ready for some mouthwatering ice cream.

Despite the mixed weather we’ve enjoyed this summer, one thing doesn’t change. You’ll (yes, all of us) always be able to think up some excuse to have a big ol’ bowl of ice cream.

If you’re with us on this line of thinking, then let us turn your attention to Arnotts’ newest spot for the good stuff: Betty’s Milk Bar. Try not to start drooling on your phone screen when you see the pictures of what they serve up, mind.

Looks pretty irresistible, right? Brought to us by sisters Domini & Peaches Kemp, Betty’s crafts up some beautiful vegan and dairy concoctions.


They specialise in the appetising soft-serve ice cream with a multitude of different toppings that accommodate just about anyone with a sweet tooth. You’ll find everything from salted caramel to toffee crisp to peanut M&Ms to dark chocolate hard shells to pecan brownie. Oh, and coffee lovers… you haven’t been forgotten. The Betty Helper comes with a shot of espresso, Nutella sauce and Oreos.

Even though it hasn’t been here long, Betty’s Milk Bar is already looking like an absolutely essential summer spot for those days you just crave desserts. So every day. Head down to Arnotts to try for yourself!

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