This Dublin Bar Serves A Wonderful Texan BBQ Every Day Of The Week • Bison Bar & BBQ

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This Dublin Bar Serves A Wonderful Texan BBQ Every Day Of The Week • Bison Bar & BBQ

Transport yourself to the US with these wonderful meats.

Sometimes, the only thing that will satisfy your food cravings is some big slabs of meat and a few beers to wash it down. And chips. Never forget the chips. [Featured Image: @bisondublin, Instagram].

Bison Bar & BBQ is here to deliver on all those fronts. Jump in and be presented with a beautiful prospect. It’s time for a Texas style barbecue, with humongous racks of ribs to go around for everybody. These ones are St. Louis style and

Better still, you can of course add the necessary amount of mouth-watering BBQ wings to add the cherry to the mountainous cake. You might not want to consume any meat for the weeks leading up to a planned trip here. That should just about do it.

It really doesn’t stop there, either. If ribs and wings aren’t your bag, no sweat. You could always consume a tame whole chicken if you fancied. Elsewhere, there’s some hearty BBQ Tacos [get the grilled tiger prawn option], a host of giant burgers, pulled pork, smoked beef brisket and much more.

To top off your wonderful meals, there’s a hearty selection of chips. There’s some wonderful cowboy fries, equipped with grilled cheese, bacon and spices.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to take on all this meat, Bison is the bar for you. It’s the true taste of a Texan BBQ washed down with what we know best here in Dublin: beers.

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