Cosy Up With Your Loved One At A Romantic Candlelight Concert This Valentine’s Day

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string quartet performing among flickering candlelight

What better way to celebrate your undying love for someone than to be whisked into the pages of a Shakespearean love story through classical music? This Candlelight concert takes you on a romantic journey just like the star-crossed lovers – just with a little less bloodshed and tragedy and a little more flickering candlelight and moving melodies. Coming to Dublin on February 14, the enchanting evening will ensure your Valentine’s Day is one to remember.

Cellists performing among candlelight

With rows of corny cards, giant teddies and heart-shaped chocolate boxes starting to fill the shop shelves you might’ve been trying to come up with something special to gift your partner this Valentine’s Day (that won’t end up gathering dust in the back of their cupboard). Candlelight: Valentine’s Day Special is your answer, with 60-minutes of classical romantic pieces performed by a talented string quartet.

Castle Strings are the musicians who will be providing the magical music that evening. Every sweep of their bows bringing to life spellbinding serenades and rhapsodies from famous love stories such as Romeo And Juliet, Casabalanca, Breakfast At Tiffanys and more. You can just sit back together, hand in hand, and let the sweeping compositions wash over you – all thoughts of feuding families, violent duels and masked balls just melting away.

Five red roses, violin and drapery on black

The Candlelight concert will be taking place in The Round Room at The Mansion House. It may not be fair Verona, but you will be following in the footsteps of kings, queens, princesses and popes as you sink into a seat under the grand domed roof. The spectacular venue dates back to 1821, where it was built especially to receive King George IV, and, in 1919, was where the first ever meeting of the Dáil Eireann took place. This February, the spherical space will be illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight, transforming it into an intimate setting where the world fades away and you can get lost in the classical music.

This concert is the perfect answer to all your Valentine’s Day stresses and will be sure to sweep your loved one off their feet. Make sure you grab tickets now so you can sleep soundly knowing your romantic gesture is sorted and there’ll be no need for a last minute rush to a 24-hour supermarket.

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Candlelight: Valentine's Day Special ft. "Romeo and Juliet" and more

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