Just 11 Photos Of Dublin Looking Stunning In Pride Colours

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Just 11 Photos Of Dublin Looking Stunning In Pride Colours

Pride month looked beautiful in Dublin.

Despite not getting the celebrations we’re used to for Pride in Dublin , the city still turned out in the colours and looked unsurprisingly beautiful. Here’s a collection of some of the best colours around the city this month.

1. Rainbow Walk at Capel Street

Appearing overnight thanks to the Dublin City Council workers? Yes please.

2. The Old Library

Hearts and balloons. Can’t ask for more wholesome content than that, can you?

3. The Convention Centre

Simply stunning, right?

4. Street view ft. rain

Ah, the classic.

5.  Dublin Fire Brigade Truck

It’s looking straight fire.

6. Rathgar Village

We love to see the flags up.

7. A *Reimagined Mockup Of The Poolbeg Chimneys

Now, we know this is just an imagined concept of the iconic spot, but we just had to include it anyway. How good do they look in the Pride colours! Let’s make it happen for real.

8. The Hot Donut shop

Donuts AND amazing decoration? We’re sold.

9. O’Donavan Rossa Bridge

What a lovely sight.

10. Street Art

Rainbow colours make everything better.

11. Mary’s Bar


Our kind of bar.

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