This Dublin Pub Has An Exact Replica All The Way Over In Moscow

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

This Dublin Pub Has An Exact Replica All The Way Over In Moscow

That’s right – one of our pubs has a doppelganger!

There’s two activities I, and I’m sure many of us, are missing at the moment: going to the pub and travelling.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to such leisurely hobbies, meaning it could be a while until either are back on the cards, particularly the latter of the two.

But, once we have the green light, there’s something here for you to put on your bucket list that kills two birds with one stone. You could go to one of Dublin’s favourite pubs… in Moscow.

Yes, Russia has an exact replica of O’Donoghue’s pub in its capital city. Now, we’re all used to spotting and frequenting Irish pubs – some better than others – when travelling to a new city, but this has taken things to the next level!

It really is a heart-warming thought that somebody out there loved O’Donoghue’s so much they decided to copy and paste it 3,500km away from its original!!

Journalist Bryan MacDonald shared his discovery of the brilliant copy on Twitter. Will the real O’Donoghue’s please stand up?

Yeah, that caption just hit us where it hurts right now…

Nonetheless, I’ll sure be counting down the days until we’re allowed back into any pub, and then set my sights on paying the doppelganger a visit.

Oh, and the real O’Donoghue’s had something to say too:

The very best of friends.

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