6 Reasons Why Dublin Is The Ultimate Destination For A Stag Do

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6 Reasons Why Dublin Is The Ultimate Destination For A Stag Do

Group activities that tend to result in hazy nights? We might know just the place.

Dublin might just be the best-equipped city there is to brave all the stag do parties that roll into our shores.

Seriously, there’s all you could ever want right here. The people, the alcohol, the memories (albeit fleeting ones). We have you covered for your final days of ticking “single” on application forms, before you take the plunge into married life. From Guinness to Guinness to Guinness, here are six reasons why there’s nowhere quite like Dublin for a party. Maybe you’ll love it so much so that you’ll be back for your honeymoon…

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1. Um, the pub?


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You know those places. Big houses to chug your drink, found just about everywhere you can point to in Dublin. This makes this city the best out there for a stag do, as bar crawls aren’t complicated affairs. You can virtually stumble out of one pub while simultaneously falling into the next one. Drown in Guinness, scream karaoke, hug your mates before waltzing into the early-morning sunset of your life’s next chapter. The Dublin pubs are as good a bunch as any.

2. You’ll be blessed by the luck of the Irish


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Marriages can be the happiest part of your life, but anyone will tell you, more often than not, that they take some work. They’ll be many obstacles you need to jump through, where you’ll need all the good fortune you can get your hands on. A stag do in Dublin may be messy. Hell, you might be hard-pressed to remember over half of it. But, you can always count on this main fable that is frequently cited. Never doubt the luck of the Irish.

3. You’ll find the best accomplices for your nights out


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Now, I’m sure you have a stellar group of pals. Ride-or-die pals that have made countless nights so special for you over the years. But, you can never beat the stories made around the new people you bump into on wild nights. Especially on your stag do. Dublin has you sufficiently covered in this regard. Everyone here is well-versed in the art of taking people under their wing and showing them the true art of Dublin drinking. So strap in, and prepare yourself. Your stag do nights here will hand you the eccentric and faithful accomplices needed to make your group hurrah truly memorable.

4. Beer. Bike. Rides.


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Every now and then, even on a stag do, you have to factor some exercise into your schedule, right? Well, kind of. In Dublin, this said exercise still counts, even with the added beer. These Beer Bikes are crafted to perfection for all your stag do needs. With multiple seats made for a big group, a sober main driver, and a number of stops at various pubs to refuel, it’s the perfect way to see the sights around Dublin while continuing the theme of your hazy weekend. It’s a ÂŁ50 deposit, and you can book here. So saddle up, comrades. This bike needs you.

5. Bubble Football


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It’s one of those activities you see in glossy Facebook videos—watching on in awe as players crash off of each other—but never get round to trying. Well, this is your chance. It’s the exact kind of activity that a stag do demands. High-energy and filled with the reckless abandon that matches your nights out. Bounce off your friends as you would in the club walls later on in the night. It’s the perfect daytime activity to get your spirits high and your blood pumping to prepare for those heavy evenings and the subsequent hangovers. Battle through and bounce back with the help of massive bubbles, that is. More info here.

6. You can learn all about the sweet nectar that’s fuelling your night out


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Yes, if the Guinness in the pubs on your crazy nights isn’t enough, you can get a very educational tour of where it’s made. Knowledge is power, I suppose. Yes, the Guinness Storehouse is a must for any stag do. All seven floors of it. A full stout experience for the masses. Not only does it give you the full 250-year history of the famous brand, but, of course, you’ll also get to drink plenty of the good stuff. While learning about what makes the perfect pint, you’ll meet tasting points along the way. Moreover, there’s the gravity bar, which gives out to a perfect view of the heart of Dublin, on top of multiple other bars in the building. There’s even a bistro restaurant where you can mix some classic Irish dishes into your stag do. No trip to Dublin, let alone stag do, is complete without visiting the storehouse. More info here.

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