Visit Francis Bacon’s Chaotic Art Studio, Left Exactly As It Was In The 90s

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Visit Francis Bacon’s Chaotic Art Studio, Left Exactly As It Was In The 90s

Visit Francis Bacon’s London art studio… in Dublin.

Francis Bacon is one of the most famous artists in the world and his life started right here in Dublin back in 1909. He moved to London to pursue a career in design and eventually grew into the artist that so many of us love today. (Featured image: @supercaseyland

The studio in Dublin is actually an exact reconstruction of Bacon’s real studio in London, and it’s been painstakingly pieced together to create a touching image of his existence. In 1998, Hugh Lane Gallery bought the contents of the studio in London and began moving everything over to Dublin, piece by piece.

Photo: ana_amaly

Bacon was known for his disorganisation and this is definitely reflected in his studio’s appearance. When he died of a heart attack in 1992, everything was left as it was. Though he was immortalised by his artwork, his studio is where the human essence of Francis Bacon can really be felt – in the pile of paper on the floor or the paintbrushes thrown hastily into pots.

Everything must be viewed from behind a glass wall, of course. As the contents of the room had been strewn around by Bacon himself (okay, yes, not technically this room), it would be disruptive to walk into the room amongst the exhibit.

Photo: g776o

The chaos of the studio speaks to the chaotic nature of Bacon’s life and so this really is a must-see for any art fans, Francis Bacon fans or even just nosey people who are interested to see into the private life of such an influential artist.

It is completely free to visit the studio, although you can leave a donation if you so wish.

Practical information

Open Tuesday-Thursday, 9.45am-6pm. Friday, 9.45am-5pm. Saturday, 10am-5pm. Sunday, 11am-5pm.

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