An Post Invites People To Send Their Free Postcards To Keep Spirits Up

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

An Post Invites People To Send Their Free Postcards To Keep Spirits Up

What a lovely idea.

Since seeing people from outside your household isn’t an option right now, a lovely way to keep in touch with people is in the form of a handwritten note. [Featured Image: Becky Phan, Unsplash]. 

It’s the perfect way for people to know they’re still in your thoughts, despite not being able to physically see them – and a great way to keep spirits up at a difficult time.

So, this initiative by An Post is the perfect idea to ensure as many people as possible can just that. They’ve reintroduced their free postcard scheme to ensure everyone can keep in touch with loved ones at no cost.

If you’re sick of the constant Zoom calls, or you just like the personal touch of a note this is the way forward. An Post have confirmed that all Irish households will receive two postcards through their door to send to whoever needs them.

This was first offered in March, during lockdown, and it makes complete sense to introduce the scheme once more. One postcard features a design, and the other is blank for you to create something wonderful.

Postcards are due to be delivered across the country from Wednesday, January 20.

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