The Huge Second Hand Furniture Warehouse In Dublin • Age Action Showroom

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The Huge Second Hand Furniture Warehouse In Dublin • Age Action Showroom

“Waste not, want not.”

It’s the age-old saying that Age Action Showroom could live by. They implore you not to throw away old, unwanted items of furniture. [Featured Image: Cherry Orchard Showroom]

Appropriately, given the planet’s condition, the reusable movement is an important one to champion, so as to cut down on waste. And this is exactly what Age Action are promoting.

By offering a space for people to sell on such items, it ensures a home for all old sofas. However worn, however dirty. All are welcome to be sold at the Cherry Orchard Age Action Showroom.

If you’re in need of a sofa, a chair or even a drum kit or a vintage record player, this is your spot. Declutter your home if it’s in need of freshening up and give others the opportunity to benefit. The warehouse is always happy to take your things, so go ahead and indulge their hoarding problem. All 10,000 square metres of it.

When we say they have everything, we mean ~everything~. (Photo: Age Action Cherry Orchard, Facebook)

Pretty much any decorative or useful household item you could name passes through this warehouse. Age Action Showroom has garnered a stellar reputation for excellent finds since it opened in June 2018. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across a rare vintage steal?

Among the ever-growing collection, you’ll find “household goods, furniture, designer clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, electronics and much more,” alongside “a wide range of collectables, china, glass, ornaments, pictures and mirrors.”

Photo: Cherry Orchard Showroom

If you’re opting to cut the clutter, you can even request to have heavy items of stock collected from your house. It’s free of charge and runs in Dublin, Kildare, Cork, Galway and Monaghan.

So, if you need anything of use to your house, this is one to watch. Hell, you could even refurnish your whole house here at a cheap price, while simultaneously helping the environment and supporting the wonderful work carried out by the lovely folk at Age Action Ireland, funding their services for older people.

Practical information

Monday to Friday, 9am–5pm. Saturday, 9am–6pm. Sunday, 12–5pm.

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