There’s A Huge Gavin And Stacey-Themed Live Quiz Happening On Friday

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

There’s A Huge Gavin And Stacey-Themed Live Quiz Happening On Friday

This is a call to all Gavin and Stacey obsessives! We know there are many of you out there.

To tell you the truth Gwen, I think I AM absolutely the biggest obsessive. But if you think you’ve got what it takes to come out on top, join the fun this Friday. On April 3, a Gavin and Stacey quiz is a-go, and you can be crowned champion. (Featured image: © Eddie Reed

Many of us are desperate for anything different to do as this quarantine drags on and on. We’re sure Gavin and Stacey stans have already binged the hit BBC series at least twice already, and this is sure to test your knowledge.

The five-round quiz, hosted by Yellow Elephant promotions, is set to kick-off at 8pm sharp. All you’ll need is a pen and paper, and the producers invite you to start a video call with your pals to get the group mentality going. There won’t be any prizes as it is all in the name of fun. But, to be honest, who needs prizes with all the bragging rights on offer?

The event also urges you to remember “a beveragini (to create that pub quiz atmosphere). Entirely up to you what you have, think I’ll make mine a pint of wine.”


To close they added: “Expect to be asked anything, except what happened on the fishing trip.” Probably for the best.

So, to challenge your mates and find out who knows the most about Nessa et al, head over to the quiz this Friday. You can find all the necessary details here on Facebook. Happy quizzing!

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