Hairdressers And Shops In Ireland Could Reopen In May For Those Who Are Fully Vaccinated

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Hairdressers And Shops In Ireland Could Reopen In May For Those Who Are Fully Vaccinated

Finger crossed!

Many of us have been lamenting the closure of hairdressers for a while now over lockdown. After all, there’s only so far the DIY method from home can take you when it comes to hair! [Featured Image: Adam Winger, Unsplash].

But, some people might just be in luck. There’s a chance that hairdressers–as well as shops–could reopen in May for those who have been vaccinated fully.

First reported by The Irish Examiner, a senior source told them: “A lot of older people will be vaccinated by them so you could open up services for them. You could look at doing an incremental approach for those who are fully vaccinated.”

Last week, the Irish Federation of Hairdressers (IHF) called on the government to do just this, and reopen hairdressers to reopen for vaccinated customers.

Danielle Kennedy, IHF President, said: “Elderly people have been cocooning for the past year, and it would such a great boost for their mental health and general wellbeing to be able to pop down to the salon and talk to people in a safe, controlled environment. They get out of the house, get their hair done, feel refreshed and come away feeling great.”

A phased reintroduction could be used for shops and hairdressers whereby those who have received both vaccine doses could attend.

Another source told The Irish Examiner: “Everything won’t reopen with a bang; it will be on a phased basis, just like this month. But I think if things continue the way they are, we have a very good chance that we will get back into shops in the month of May.”

For those who haven’t received vaccinations, however, it remains unclear when these services would reopen to all of the public, although it is expected this may happen to some extent in the summer months.

As of  yet, nothing is confirmed, so we’ll have to hope the day we can get our hair sorted out is sooner rather than later!

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