8 Of The Most Haunted Places In Dublin To Add To Your Halloween Lists

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8 Of The Most Haunted Places In Dublin To Add To Your Halloween Lists

Halloween is nearly upon us!

October 31 is approaching at a rapid rate so it’s time to get spooky! And so, instead of scaring yourself by browsing the news these days, why not do it the old-fashioned way? Read about, or even go looking for some actual haunted grounds and spirits. There are a number of spots in Dublin that are known for some paranormal activity, so let’s dive into the list and get spooked out, shall we? [Featured Image: Jaime Casap, Unsplash].

I probably won’t be going to sleep after writing this…

1. Captain Boyd’s Grave, St Patrick’s Cathedral

A sad tale to kick us off. In this grave sits a heroic Captain who rescued 135 people at sea when a storm struck in 1861. It is thought that Captain Boyd’s trusty companion, his dog, still sits by his grave to this day. The story says that his furry best friend refused to move from the grave to leave his owner, and ended up starving.

2. Malahide Castle

This castle is still going strong after 800 years. And, if we’re going by the rumours, so are its inhabitants! From the 1200s until 1973, the Talbot family owned these grounds, and it’s thought to have been haunted by more than five of their ghosts. One ghost is said to be court jester Puck, who reportedly died on his wedding day, and roams the halls trying to fix his broken heart. We’re not crying…

3. Hellfire Club

This certainly has all the makings of somewhere that would be haunted, sat up in the mountains and desolate. Hellfire Club is said to have once held satanic meetings for members who are rumoured to have eaten a servant alive… It dates back to 1735, and is said the club gave animals as offerings to the devil. *shivers* I think we’ll pass on checking whether these haunted rumours are true, thanks!

4. Kilmainham Gaol


This site used to hold a jail, which opened in 1796. Conditions were said to be appalling, and many prisoners were eventually shipped to Australia. Significantly, this site held executions of the Easter Rising and followers in 1916. Ever since Kilmainham Gaol’s period of restoration in the 1960s, tales of ghosts have followed it. Visitors of the site have witnessed items moving by themselves, footsteps, lights having a mind of their own and more. One person is even said to have been thrown across a room by an invisible force and pinned to the wall. Yeah, might give this one a miss too!

5. The Shelbourne Hotel

It is said that this hotel, particularly floor six, has plenty of spooky sightings. It even causes guests to run out of their room in fright. A seven-year-old girl named Mary Masters is believed to have died on the grounds in 1791, which could explain some of the creepy ghost tales. Just don’t book a night here if you scare easy, eh?

6. St Michan’s Church

A church is a nice old spot for some spooky happenings, isn’t it? Well, it might be an idea not to head to this one if you’re superstitious. Some visitors report hearing creepy whispers as well as shivers going through them with cold patches cropping up in the church. Gulp.

7. Collin’s Barracks

Collin’s Barracks used to belong to the military, but now the National Museum of Ireland resides in the buildings. However, this has not stopped some scary ghost rumours. Some visitors claimed to have spotted soldiers in army uniforms roaming the grounds, thinking they were a group of actors that didn’t actually exist. Some claim to hear gunshots and horses around the grounds, too. Creepy stuff.

8. Brazen Head Pub

Robert Emmet was subject to capital punishment. He was hung, drawn and quartered in 1803, and it is believed that his ghost keeps an eye out for his enemies at the Brazen Head. Many have said they see him at the bar’s corner. Yeah, I might just enjoy a quiet pint somewhere else, thanks…

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