25 Wonderful Women-Led Independent Businesses In Dublin, As Chosen By Secret Dublin Followers

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25 Wonderful Women-Led Independent Businesses In Dublin, As Chosen By Secret Dublin Followers

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

International Women’s Day is approaching (March 8, to be exact) so we thought we’d share some of the best women-led businesses in Dublin. And, who better to tell us the best spots but YOU. We took to Instagram to find out your favourite women-led businesses, and you did not disappoint, giving us some truly boss places to shout out. From dazzling jewellery items to mouth-watering cakes to flowers that anyone would be bowled over by, here’s what you came up with. Enjoy!

1. Bragadeiros

Simply, somewhere to satisfy calls from your sweet tooth in the best possible way. Bragadeiros sell their beautiful, traditional chocolatey goods by the boxload in many different varieties. Basically, you need these in your life right about now.

2. Reuzi 

Reuzi is a brand that aims to spread sustainability as far as possible, through what they sell and what they live by, in simple and realistic ways. They’ve gained a large following for their useful ecological and sustainability tips, podcasts and content; as well as great products like their reusable mugs, body oils, candles and much more.

3. Flowerpop

Flowerpop is an award-winning floral studio, and is easily one of the top spots to head to when in need of those extra special bouquets. And, with Mother’s Day coming up, you’d be hard to find a better option for the right batch in the city.

4. Lumous Candles

We’ve become a little obsessed with Lumous Candles over on this end. Their unique, gothic design is right up our street and we pretty much just want everything they have, to be quite honest. For lovingly designed, beautifully scented, ethical and sustainable candles, Lumous is one that should be on your radar. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from each order goes towards MS research.

5. From Italy With Love

A delicious catering company with a flurry of treats that are sure to have your mouth watering. From beautiful chocolate berries to graze boxes with meats, fruits and cheeses, From Italy With Love have got you covered on all areas.

6. One Dame Lane

Founded by Lyndsey Kavanagh, One Dame Lane are a unique spot to pick up pieces of dazzling jewellery. The pieces are created with the aim of instilling “balance and emotional healing to each and every person they belonged to”. They certainly fulfil that, along with being ethically created and sustainable making them a go-to spot the next time you decide to treat yourself or a loved one.

7. Paradiso Plant Club

A perfect spot for all your shrubbery needs. Paradiso Plant Club has all the goods for you to brighten up the rooms in your house in one clean sweep.

8. The Kind Co.

Helping you to help yourself is what The Kind strive to achieve, with products that look towards self-care, sustainability and mindful living. From oil diffusers to weekly planners to nail polish to hydrating charcoal face masks to sweet and spicy hazelnut chocolate – The Kind are stocked with pure zen and it’s all ready for you to order.

9. Sweet Brazil

Some of the best-designed cakes you’ll find in the whole of Dublin can be found here. I mean, who could not just fall in love with a jaw-dropping cake resembling everyone’s favourite cutie, Baby Yoda? Just look as hit little hands! Elsewhere among the designs from this fabulous Brazilian designs, you’ll find Guinness, Minions, blue night skies and many, many more.

10. Skingredients

A perfect place to help you finally embark on that skincare journey. Skingredients have all the tools to help everyone and anyone be kind to their skin.

11. The Little Wooden Peg

The Little Wooden Peg is a sustainable lifestyle store for children, where you will find everything from this adorable “apple of my eye” sweatshirt to quirky handmade puppets.

12. The Rag Revolution

The Rag Revolution are here to bring you a wonderful and sustainable way to look great on a big occasion. They specialise in a rental service of beautiful dresses and outfits, in an easy-to-order website. After the occasion, they will even take care of everything, from collection to dry cleaning.

13. The Vegan Tart

In life, is anything really better than a box filled with delicious treats? There’s definitely not much that can top that, and it’s what The Vegan Tart deal with to the highest level. Head over here for some drool-worthy, plant-based items that will be like Christmas come early for your sweet tooth.

14. Costume Dublin

A lovely, multi-brand Dublin boutique. Costume Dublin offers stylish and affordable items from talented designers, offering everything from colourful jewellery to luscious scents to chic handbags.

15. Bakeology Treats

A scrumptious Argentinian bakery around Temple Bar with some of the most delightful treats you’ll find in the whole of Dublin. Browsing through their collection really is a dangerous game. In the space of thirty seconds you’ll be weak at the knees imagining the rogel with dulce de leche, afternoon tea, raspberry pepas and many more. And, then you’ll be on your mission to buy them all. Totally not what I just did…

16. Sboora’s Cucina

A fantastic delivery service to meet all your lockdown needs. Gorge down on this stunning Lebanese grub as you whack on your favourite series and escape all that’s going on in the world. I mean, who can go wrong with stews like these…

17. Clean Slate

A shop made up to ease the soul. Clean Slate offers all kinds of zen products such as the “Buff” candles, with scents including Coffee And Espresso, Lavender and Eucalyptus, plus much, much more.

18. Mama’s Hospital Bag

A site designed perfectly to cater to both expectant and new mothers, offering beautiful luxury boxes to give newborns and mothers the best start. Packs include items such as comfy-as-hell pyjamas, eye masks, hand creams, hair and body sets, blankets, cuddly toys and much more.

19. AnotherPoxySarah

AnotherPoxySarah is a talented artist offering commissions of comical prints. Whether you want a reworking of Ross from Friends’ infamous squeaky “I’m Fine”; joke scenes from Scream; or, you know, Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting toilet roll out of a gun, this is the page for you.

20. The Mellow Fig

A delightful little café in Blackrock serving up some damn tasty cake, coffee and breakfast items. Head here on your daily walk and treat yourself to a freshly baked pastry or jam tart to give your taste buds a beautiful sensation, and wash it down with your favourite beverage.

21. Costelloe And Costelloe

A lovely family-run business. selling all kinds of little gift items, from much-needed stylish face-masks to hand-crafted dolls to cute berets. They even sell adorable outfits for your dog!

22. Aoife Bakes

Beautiful cakes and a reminder of the greatest football club in the world? Sign us up! But seriously, these cakes are bloody amazing, and you need to check out all their wonderful designs.

23. Like No Other

Like No Other deal in some amazing, handcrafted gifts that can be given to one and all. Who wouldn’t be chuffed to bits with a high-quality mug complete with a design of their dog on the front?

24. Sandia

If you’re looking for some stunning award-winning jewellery then Sandia is a no-brainer. Check in now for their magnificent Spring 2021 collection for pieces just like these gorgeous earrings picture above. We might be just a little bit obsessed…

25. Munch Café Balally

A lovely little spot to grab coffee and treats from. After the last year, one of the best ways to unwind is to gorge on an éclair or custard tart and  a roasting hot cup of java. Trust us, it really helps!

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