Ireland Has Been Named The Most Generous Country In The Whole World

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Ireland Has Been Named The Most Generous Country In The Whole World

Well, we are pretty great!

Ireland is the most generous country in the entire world, according to 10 years of data from GoFundMe! [Featured Image: Khadeeja Yasser, Unsplash].

The study on the charitable fundraising website found Ireland to donate in the highest rate per capita in the world. They were closely followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia which all made up the top-five.

Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Denmark came in just behind to complete the top-10.

Within Ireland, it has been revealed that Galway is the most generous city, with Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Waterford following right behind.

During 2020, 40% of donors in Ireland gave money to fundraisers more than once. April 21, during the height of Europe’s lockdowns, was the most popular date for donations. Over 25, 000 donations were made in Ireland on this day.

Derry in Northern Ireland also happened to be the most generous city. It was closely followed by Cambridge and Edinburgh.

You can read the full GoFundMe “A Decade Of Giving” report here.

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