Ireland Has Been Ranked In The Top 5 Best Countries To Survive A Global Apocalypse

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Ireland Has Been Ranked In The Top 5 Best Countries To Survive A Global Apocalypse

Well, that’s good to know I guess…

According to a new study, Ireland is one of the best countries to live in, should the four horsemen ever come knocking. Yes, that’s correct. We’ve been voted in the top-5 best countries in the world for surviving a global apocalypse.

Researchers compiled a list of the five countries that would be most likely to survive a global apocalypse, and Ireland only went and made it. Clinching the 5th place, we’re in the company of (in order of #1 to #4) New Zealand, Iceland, the UK, and Australia.

This study, which grouped Ireland and Northern Ireland together, said that our climate and low energy demand secured the high finish. New Zealand took the top spot for, among other things, the proof-in-the-pudding Covid-19 response which has seen it become one of the safest places to live during the global pandemic.


The data came from University of Notre Dame’s Global Adaptation Initiative, with the study being undertaken by researchers at Angela Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute. Nick King and Aled Jones, co-authors of the study, graded each country based on carrying capacity (i.e. how much land is used for farming to sustain the population); isolation (how close it is to other surrounding countries); and self-sufficiency (does it produce its own sustainable energy and other resources).

So, it seems as if we’re onto a good thing for surviving the end here in Ireland. Wouldn’t ya know it.

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