Here’s All The Changes In Ireland’s Lockdown Measures You Need To Know About

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Here’s All The Changes In Ireland’s Lockdown Measures You Need To Know About

Relaxation of restrictions from May 10 have been announced by Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

It’s been a long ol’ road through the winter in Ireland, but yesterday’s announcement from the Taoiseach has certainly blasted some much-needed positivity through the country. For the first time in a while, significant changes to the lockdown restrictions will mean that some degree of normality (what even is that anymore?) can return to our daily lives. [Featured Image: Madrugada Verde, Shutterstock].

Taoiseach Micheál Martin addressed the nation yesterday in a detail of “hope”, outlining the Cabinet’s agreement on the new changes to Ireland’s lockdown restrictions.

He told us that the “strategy was working”, referring to the cautious approach to changes to the lockdown over the last month, before going on to say: “Because of your hard work and sacrifices, we are in a better place.” Martin also confirmed the vaccine programme was moving forward, and 50-59 year olds could book appointments from next week.

Many were listening eagerly to find out what the changes would mean for their lifestyle, whether it be the return of pubs or the ability to go for a haircut. Here are the changes that you need to know about from Taoiseach Micheál Martin’s address.


From May 10, personal services (hairdressers, barbers, beauty salons) can reopen. These will run by appointment only, so as to avoid overcrowding in the rushes for the first trip back!

Travel Across Ireland

Unrestricted domestic travel is back for the first time since Christmas. This also comes into play from May 10, and will mean you can travel anywhere in Ireland.

Retail Services

Click-and-collect retail service is resuming from May 10, and it is expected that normal service will be able to resume from May 17.


Visits to other households

You’ll be able to meet outdoors in the gardens of other households from May 10. From the same day, fully vaccinated people can meet indoors with other fully vaccinated people, but only with members from a maximum of three other households. Fully vaccinated people can also meet indoors with unvaccinated people from one household, provided they are not at risk of severe illness.

Indoor Activates

Museums and libraries may open from May 10, with social-distancing guidelines in place. The government are reportedly looking into the reopening of cinemas and theatres at some point during June.

Religious Service/Weddings/Funerals

Up to 50 people may attend a mass from May 10, with the same number permitted for funerals and wedding services. For wedding parties, however, the numbers are restricted to six indoors, and fifteen outdoors.


  • Bed & Breakfasts, hotels and guesthouses may open from June 2. The may serve food and drinks indoors to residents from this day.
  • From June 7, Pubs and restaurants may serve customers outdoors only. There will no longer be a distinction between pubs that serve food and those that don’t.
  • It is hoped that pubs will be allowed to serve indoors at some point during July, but no set date has been given.


Adult sports training may resume from May 10. Outdoor matches may return from June 7, with no spectators. On this day, gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools may reopen for individual training.


The parts of the construction industry that are still shut may recommence from May 10. On this day, in-person house-viewings are expected to be allowed.

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