This Little Island In County Dublin Is Home To A Troupe Of Wild Wallabies

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This Little Island In County Dublin Is Home To A Troupe Of Wild Wallabies

On a tiny island off the coast of Dublin lives a troupe of wallabies…

The beautiful Lambay Island lies just across from Tower Bay Beach and is home to some surprising inhabitants. Wallabies have been living on the private island since the 1950s, when animal enthusiast Rupert Baring introduced them. However, the size of the population really took off in the 1980s, when Dublin Zoo got involved. (Featured image: @jaroslavd)

Dublin Zoo found themselves over-run with wallabies in the 1980s and transported seven of them to the island, which became their new home. They’ve since bred and the population has increased so much so that now it is possible to spot them on a trip to Lambay Island.



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Their residence on the island was also an effort to contain the population, as experts were concerned about what an invasive species could do to local wildlife populations. However, on the island they live in harmony with the other animals and the very small population of people. The wallabies have plenty of human visitors as tourists flock to the island, which has plenty of other attractions as well as these little marsupials.

Rehoming the wallabies seems to have been a success because there are now thriving — and it is estimated that there are over 100 hopping around on the island right now. The island is mostly private, but you can book onto a guided tour here and you’ll hopefully spot them!

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