The Mother Of All Burger Joints Has Arrived In Temple Bar • MacDaddy

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The Mother Of All Burger Joints Has Arrived In Temple Bar • MacDaddy

Burgers and Mac ‘N’ Cheese? Sign us up.

The phrase “treat yourself” is thrown around a lot, but let’s be honest. When it’s been said at any point during this rollercoaster of the last fourteen months, it’s almost definitely warranted.

So, we might as well all do it properly, right? It’s a good job then, with that in mind, that a new Temple Bar spot serving up humungous burgers and Mac ‘N’ Cheese has just opened up.

MacDaddy is an all-new burger joint to serve you the comfort food that you’ve been craving all throughout lockdown. You’ll be able to order it straight to your door, and once dining out is permitted again, it’s sure to become a mainstay of Temple Bar’s popular food spots. I mean, just look at those burgers…

These drool-worthy chicken burgers are sure to be at the top of many people’s list when browsing through the menu of MacDaddy. Take your pick of different sauces and relish to surround the succulent pieces of buttermilk chicken – from buffalo honey butter to dill pickle to sweet ‘n’ spicy glaze.


Customers can also trawl through the scrumptious range of delicious Mac ‘N’ Cheeses. After a long hard day, what could really fix the blue more than filling up on a chilli mac (chilli con carne x MAC) or a winger (buffalo wing sauce x MAC)?

Whatever you choose, you can surround it with endless sides (chilli cheese fries for us) and rounds of drinks. That’s our new go-to Friday takeaway sorted.

View the menu and information about deliveries via the MacDaddy website

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