Hugo’s Restaurant Proposes Turning Merrion Row Into A Street Of Outdoor Dining

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Hugo’s Restaurant Proposes Turning Merrion Row Into A Street Of Outdoor Dining

This would be a wonderful sight.

It’s been way too long since we’ve seen the real hustle and bustle on the streets of Dublin. The one that we all know, and most of us love. [Featured Image: Hugo’s Restaurant, Twitter].

While we crave for life to come back to the streets, with people jovial and content hitting the pubs and restaurants of the city, a new proposal has been put forward that would enhance the promised land experience even further once it’s back.

Yes, Hugo’s restaurant has put forward plans to give Merrion Street a glow-up, turning it into a lively street of outdoor dining.

Since it is likely that the hospitality industry will be reopened gradually, it is believed that outdoor dining will be the first thing to return. Therefore, a space like this on Merrion Street – filled with seats for people to gorge on delightful dishes and sip on wine like they’ve never tasted a drop before – would make all the sense in the world, right?

Hugo’s confirmed they have sent out a submission to Dublin City Council, attempting to put these plans into motion.

The bar sees this space, ideally full of bars, restaurants, cafés, street theatres and more, a “cultural corridor between St. Stephens Green and Merrion Square, a walking link between our national museums and art galleries.”

Well, we’re just bursting to get out onto the streets properly again. And, this new proposed idea of filling Merrion Row with outdoor dining hub of life and love, once it’s safe? Sign us up!

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