Here’s Everything Worth A Watch On Netflix This December

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

Here’s Everything Worth A Watch On Netflix This December

‘Tis the season to binge-watch Netflix!

Prepping your epic list of entertainment for the (usually) boring but cosy festive period? Netflix has been on fire this year, and they haven’t let their standards drop for the final month of the year. From underrated classics to brand new, heart-warming movies, here’s everything worth a watch this December on Netflix.

The Prom, streaming now

Credit: Netflix

Featuring an all-star cast, The Prom has been dubbed the heart-warming, cringy, fun film of the season. The plotline champions gay rights, telling the story of a high school student who’s been told she’s forbidden to attend with her girlfriend as her date. Starring Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, James Corden and seeing Ariana Grande and Keegan-Michael Key pop up for the occasion, it’s sure to be an easy watch while you rummage through a tin of Quality Streets this festive season. Streaming now.

The Prestige, streaming now

Credit: Touchstone Pictures

An underrated work of art starring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine, The Prestige – by Christopher Nolan – tells the story of two magicians who become bitter enemies after tragedy strikes at one of their shows. The bitter feud sees the pair go head to head to try to take one another down, bringing terrible consequences for the former friends. Streaming now.

The Front Runner, streaming now

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Hugh Jackman stars as Gary Hart, a US senator who decides to run for President of the United States. Things go awry, however, when the press unveil his scandalous extramarital relationship with Donna Rice. Streaming now.

Bumblebee, Streaming now

Credit: Allspark Pictures

A nostalgic, retro-themed instalment to the popular Transformers franchise, Bumblebee takes things back to the ’80s during the Cybertron Civil War – where a young girl finds a battle-scarred Transformer in a Californian junkyard. The film has been praised for taking the franchise back to its former glory, giving a fun take by Travis Knight on the series that was originally directed by Michael Bay. Streaming now. 

Welcome to Marwen, Streaming now

Credit: Universal Pictures

A rare move away from comedy for Steve Carell, Welcome to Marwen tells the tragic story of artist Mark Hogancamp, who loses his memory after being attacked by white supremacists. To cope with his trauma, he creates the fictional village of Marwen through miniature models and imagination. Streaming now.

The Ripper, December 16

Credit: Netflix

Following shortly after the death of Peter Sutcliffe, Netflix will uncover the horrors of the murders that took place in West Yorkshire and Manchester between 1975 and 1980. The four-part series will remember the dark time where women feared leaving the house late at night, with 13 women ultimately killed at the hands of the Yorkshire Ripper. Streaming December 16.

Mary Queen of Scots, December 20

Credit: Focus Features

Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan star in Mary Queen of Scots, a historical drama about the feud between Mary Stuart and her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. The film follows as Mary attempts to claim her rightful place on the throne as Queen of England, before finding herself imprisoned by her high-tempered cousin. Lands on Netflix on December 20. 

Ocean’s 8, December 20

Credit: Warner Bros.

Picking back up in the Ocean’s franchise, Sandra Bullock leads an all-star female cast – who her character, Debbie Ocean, assembles after being released from prison. This time, the team has its eyes set on a diamond necklace worth $150m that’s on display at the prestigious Met Gala. The movie stars Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling and Awkwafina. Watch it from December 20.

The Midnight Sky, December 23

Credit: Netflix

Directed by and starring George Clooney, The Midnight Sky is a brand new sci-fi drama which follows a lone scientist in the Arctic, who must act fast to warn a crew of astronauts to not return home from space as a result of an impending global catastrophe. Felicity Jones and Kyle Chandler also star. Dropping December 23.