7 Spots In Dublin That Will Deliver You The Goods This Pancake Day

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7 Spots In Dublin That Will Deliver You The Goods This Pancake Day

Celebrate pancake day in style.

Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake day is today! But, the real question is… Who the hell ever need an excuse to eat a shitload of pancakes, eh? [Featured Image: nikldn, Unsplash].

This list is necessary 365 days of the year, and we won’t stop until we’ve tried all the pancakes in Dublin! No snack can really top the feeling of finishing off your syrup covered stack of beauty. That, my friends, is the ultimate self-care.

Whether it’s at brunch, as an late-afternoon snack, or in the dead of night, there really is no time not to eat pancakes. So you’ll be wanting to know the best places that can quell the sudden craving we all get, quite often in fact, for the sugary goodness. And, given the state of the last year, you’ll need to know which places will offer delivery and takeaway! We can’t wait to get our hands on these heavenly treats.

Here are some of the top delivery spots to grab a few (or a lot of) pancakes in Dublin.

1. Metro Café

God, our mouths are watering already. Just look at that melty goodness, smothered in the syrup. If that’s just the way you like it too, then you’re in luck. Metro Café are offering both takeaway and delivery on this fine Tuesday, so you can devour as many of these as you can manage!

2. Lemon Crêpe & Coffee Co.

They say the classics never go out of style, and you know what? They’re damn right. If you’re after the very best of the lemon and sugar pancakes, you’ve found the right place here in Dublin. But, that’s not all. They also offer a mean variety of sweet and savoury crepes with fresh fruit and chocolate, ham and cheese, and many more to sink your teeth into. Lemon Crêpe & Coffee Co. are open for takeaway.

3. Póg Café

I mean, are there really any words we can add to this image that will persuade you to grab some of these beauties? If there are, we may or may not be too busy drooling to muster them up. Either way, gorge on these today from Póg Café, by delivery, today until 6pm.


4. Slice

Slice are going all out this pancake day, boasting numbers such as these buttermilk pancakes with praline cream, fresh berries, crushed hazelnuts and Hicks smoked bacon. An absolute masterclass by the looks of things. You can grab these for takeaway right now!

5. Sweet Churro 

Sweet Churro is a go-to port of call for pancakes and churros delivery all year round. Therefore, why not use this excuse to treat yourself yet again to one of their beautiful crepes? I’ve got my eyes on the Strawberry, Crème Fraiche and Belgium chocolate number. You can order from Sweet Churro’s click and collect service via their website.

6. Herbstreet

This fine restaurant deals in some pretty unique pancakes that are sure to tempt many a hungry Dubliner today. The apple pie pancake is a tantalising prospect, but then there’s also the lure of the double chocolate & raspberry pancake with whipped cream and warm chocolate fudge. To save the decision, you can always just try them all! Pancakes from Herbstreet are available via their click-and-collect service.

7. Eathos

Those? Oh, those are just some nonchalant buckwheat pancakes with blackberry compote, strawberry and coconut whip, sitting there asking to be ordered. What are you waiting for? Grab these via delivery or takeaway today and make your way straight through to pancake heaven. I’m sure you don’t need telling twice after feasting your eyes on that image.


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