Pink Dolphin Spotted In Singapore And Some Say It Points To An Improved Quality Of Water

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Pink Dolphin Spotted In Singapore And Some Say It Points To An Improved Quality Of Water

Pink dolphin sighting alert!

Yes, an endangered pink dolphin has been spotted out for a swim in Singapore waters. Alongside the skyscrapers of the city, that is a very rare sighting indeed. [Featured Image: pricklysarah, Flickr*].

Pictures were posted online on October 14 showing the magnificent animal that is near-impossible to track down on a regular day. According to experts, it was an Indo-Pacific Humpbacked dolphin or – as they are rather aptly also known as – the “pink dolphin”.

The sea was emerald and an Indo-Pacific Humpbacked dolphin swam up close to the beach where we had been. Boaters,…

Posted by Stephen Beng on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The exact location of the dolphin wasn’t revealed, but it’s been suggested it may have  swum around the beach, near the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park.


Pink dolphins are said to be “shy” and tend to avoid boats in the ocean. However, that didn’t stop it putting on a show, giving the lucky viewers the trademark leap out of the water.

Stephen Beng, chairman of the marine park, pointed out that the dolphin’s close proximity to water that is open for recreational use highlighted the importance to think about the safety of wildlife at all times.

According to Wild Singapore, sightings of the pink dolphin here may be an indication of healthy water conditions. Water pollution is said to pose a great danger to the endangered species of dolphin. Therefore, it’s heartening to know it’s able to swim freely around the city.

We hope many more sightings of pink dolphins are on the way!

*Note: Main image features a pink dolphin sighted in Thailand. 

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