8 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Dublin

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8 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Dublin

The ultimate guide to Dublin’s most romantic spots this Valentine’s day.

February 14 is nearly upon us, and love is in the air. Although you may associate other cities with love and romance, Dublin still has some pretty romantic spots. Whether it’s taking a sunset-coloured walk or having a cosy sit on a patch of grass, there’s plenty of romance-infused locations here. And, even though restrictions may have taken away many date spots, there is still a world of romance in Dublin at the moment as you walk through the city. Just remember to keep it within your 5km bubbles as of now (February 10), folks!

1. Phoenix Park

This spot has all the ingredients for a lovin’ wonderland. Vast green open spaces, animals pottering around, spots to sit and, of course, it looks wonderful in a blanket of snow. We’ve been treated to that a lot lately. It’s the ultimate walking spot in the city, and you can never go wrong with a stroll alongside your significant other in Phoenix Park.

2. Ha’penny Bridge

Image: melfoody, Flickr

A historical part of Dublin’s city, and one that we love to cross. It’s stretched over the waters since May 1816. Looking out to the river Liffey as the sun clocks out of another shift is just a dream for all the hopeless romantics out there.

3. Love Lane

Love isn’t so much in the air of this street, but rather slathered all over the walls, screaming out to all that will listen. Take a walk down here and check out the decorations of professions of love. Do all the cheesy parts, a picture by the “Love Lane” sign, the drawing of a love heart, a peck by the street art. This lane, by its very name, welcomes it all. Might as well be Paris, right?

4. Dun Laoghaire Pier

Ah, the old reliable spot for conjuring up the lurrvve. There’s just something about gazing out onto the waters of Dun Laoghaire Pier that draws so many couples under its spell. Love works in mysterious ways after all, so be sure to stroll by the waters on Valentine’s Day to stop and take it all in.


5. St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen’s Green is another one of the many luscious green spaces throughout Dublin, perfect for a stroll as you lock arms with your partner. Waltz through the trees and twirl around the concrete slabs that many have walked before. Pay a visit to the Yeats memorial garden and view the bust of James Joyce, while relaying their words in your minds.

6. Trinity College

Image: K. Mitch Hodge, Unsplash

The stunning gothic-tinged architecture, and the lawns where many of the greatest minds have sat make for an inspired visit. Trinity College is always a great spot to wander through, and that’s even better when you have your loving partner along for the ride.

7. Poolbeg Lighthouse

What could be more love-filled than a walk to the choppy waters at the mouth of the Liffey. The lighthouse has stood since 1767, giving candlelight signals to the ships entering the city. A hero of the past that we can all recognise and be inspired by. Plus, you know, it’s red. Colour of love as well as being a loyal servant. Win-win for a Dublin romantic place.

8. Samuel Beckett Bridge

While it may be much newer than than its fellow bridge pal on this list, it’s still romantic in its own way. I mean, it’s named after Samuel Beckett, so it’s wise beyond its 11 years standing. It’s best to catch when it’s lit up for an occasion, which is enough to tingle the spine of an old and battered novel.

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