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Pubs And Restaurants Could Reopen In Dublin For Two Weeks Leading Up To Christmas

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Pubs And Restaurants Could Reopen In Dublin For Two Weeks Leading Up To Christmas

In time for some festive drinks?

It’s been a pretty miserable old time of late. The days are shorter, and businesses continue to be hit by the ongoing restrictions due to Covid-19.

However, according to reports, there could be some form of loosening restrictions in the weeks leading up to Christmas for a short period.

It is believed that the government are considering plans to allow businesses to run smoothly in the run up to Christmas. This is, of course, usually one of the most prosperous times of year for retailers.

Reports of the proposed plan would see restrictions relax to level-three, giving pubs and restaurants a two-week “reprise” until Christmas day. SO, Christmas drinks could be back on the cards. It also may allow people to travel to other places in Ireland to visit loved ones.


Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney said: “We want to be as ambitious as we can be in terms of the removal of restrictions to try to ensure that we create as positive a Christmas period as possible for traders and families, and everybody else.”

It is thought that reducing them to level three could act as a compromise of sorts, to keep numbers down where possible, and avoid another January level five lockdown.

No decision has been made on the restrictions policies around Christmas. Check Secret Dublin for further updates.

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