St Patrick’s Day Now Has A Virtual Parade, Courtesy Of The Internet

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

St Patrick’s Day Now Has A Virtual Parade, Courtesy Of The Internet

It’s a strange kind of Paddy’s day this year.

With no bars, no parades and no clubs, a challenge has been presented to the people of Ireland today. Yes, it’s March 17—a day most of us would spend in town and/or at the pub—but now, due to moves to stop the spread of Covid-19, we have to adapt.

And, shocker, we’ve done just that. The virtual parade is here! Did you really doubt the Irish faithful? You shouldn’t have for a second. The St. Patrick’s Day show must go on!

RTE has come up with the brilliant idea of creating a hashtag to get people in St Paddy’s spirit, and share their garden celebrations. Go to #RTEVirtualParade to check out all the parades, or use the tag yourself on Twitter and Instagram to share your festivities! We can all enjoy a Guinness at home. After all, that’s what the ball in the can was brought to us for, right?

Anyway, the results of this are as glorious as you’d expect, and a much-needed distraction to lift the mood in this difficult period. Here are some of our favourites. Long live the virtual parade!

There we have it. A great time for all. Have a relaxing St. Patrick’s Day, stay safe and, remember, #RTEVirtualParade. I think they’ve won the internet today.

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