The Adorable Café Sat On A Quaint Harbour Just Outside Dublin • Storm In A Teacup

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The Adorable Café Sat On A Quaint Harbour Just Outside Dublin • Storm In A Teacup

A beautiful view awaits.

While the temperature might take a big old plummet in Autumn, there’s still plenty of reasons to leave the house and move with the seasons. For many, that probably means a wander around Dublin’s shrubbery as you witness the green spaces receiving a tarnishing of brown.

But, you can always find time for a spectacular view out into the water; and over at Storm In A Teacup’s Skerries setup, you might just have all you could ever desire. Seriously, just look at it…

Dublin aka paradise?

Storm In A Teacup have three locations in total, but over here, you’re best placed for those blustery walks; wrapped up in a thick coat and poised to gaze out past the harbour and onto the horizon. If that ocean breeze bites a little too hard, a cosy cottage café sits by the waters to give you the necessary antidote to the chilly conditions.


Whatever the season, whatever the weather a potter around here is certain to boost your mood. Be it a Saturday morning stroll, an after work trip to catch the sunset, or a viewing of thunder and lightening out at sea while you clutch a warm coffee — Storm In A Teacup’s perfect location has multiple tricks up its sleeve.

And, to add many more strings to their fine bow, Storm In A Teacup’s array of of drinks and ice cream pack a mean punch. Think espresso and cinnamon ice cream, biscoff milkshakes, and “waffle rockets”. Intrigued? You damn well should be.

Find Storm In A Teacup Skerries at Harbour Road, Townparks, Skerries, County Dublin. View the Storm In A Teacup site for more information plus other locations. 

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