A Brand New ‘High-End’ Whiskey Emporium Is Due To Open At Temple Bar After Lockdown

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

A Brand New ‘High-End’ Whiskey Emporium Is Due To Open At Temple Bar After Lockdown

This should be a wonderful ol’ time.

It feels like an age since we’ve even had the option of wandering into a bar to order a glass of the finest whiskey on the rocks. Lockdown has seen to that, and we sure didn’t realise just how much we’d miss it.

Well, once it all finally ends, with pubs and bars opening up again, Temple Bar is set to have a perfect new spot for indulging in some tasty whiskey.

A new classy whiskey emporium has reportedly had plans approved to build a home in Temple Bar. It’s due to be a “bespoke, high-end retail, cultural and tourist experience”.

It’s an exciting thought having the hustle and bustle back on Dublin’s streets, with people from far and wide enjoying all our beautiful city has to offer. And this news just gets us all the more pumped up for the moment that returns!

RTÉ first reported the news of the new whiskey emporium hitting Temple Bar. They wrote the Temple Inns Ltd had commissioned Drinksology to design the “experiential concept”, with the hope of a relaxing, substantial seating area onsite, featuring a grand piano and shop to buy their fine whiskeys to take home with you.

Fingers crossed we’ll get to enjoy all of this sooner rather than later.

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