This Dublin Pub Is Offering Dog Owners Free Food Every Sunday • MVP

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This Dublin Pub Is Offering Dog Owners Free Food Every Sunday • MVP

Free food, in the company of dogs — aka heaven.

Dog owners, unite. You can all now grab some free munch on Sundays, over at MVP. All you need to do is take your beloved barker along with you, and you’ll get some grub on the (dog)house. [Featured Image: MVP, Instagram].

Each dog owner will bag themselves a spudbox, one of the MVP’s finest. For those not familiar with what a spudbox entails, let’s explain. You choose your style of potato: chips, bravas or hash brown waffle. Then, choose one of many wonderful toppings: chorizo and melted cheese, plain sailing, beef gravy or nacho style with cheese, guac and jalapeno herbs. Finally, MVP will throw some veg in for good measure.

Sound like your thing? Well, bring your dog along to MVP and you won’t have to pay a single penny for it. And if you don’t have a dog, well — get a dog!


As well as taking your dog along for the ride, a free spudbox also means uploading a picture to Instagram and tagging MVP. But that’s not too much to ask considering the love and appreciation they’re showing to you and your dog, right?

Enjoy your spudbox and make sure your best friend get’s lots of extra treats. They did earn this for you, after all.

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