10 Of The Most Romantic Things To Do This Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

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10 Of The Most Romantic Things To Do This Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

Looks like Cupid is an essential worker after all.

Putting the romance back into lockdown after months of what can only be described as Groundhog Day (but with sweatpants and not a whole lot of sexiness), Saint Valentine is coming to town – and it’s the perfect opportunity to spice things up a little. Whether it’s taking date night to the next level or taking part in a fun, virtual event – we’ve rounded up the best ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day while stuck in lockdown.

1. Take a romantic stroll together

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Whether you’ve been active throughout lockdown or found yourself confined to the couch, take the opportunity to go on a romantic stroll with your partner this Valentine’s day – not only for mental health purposes, but to catch up away from your phones, laptops and the tele. Take a different route than usual (if you can under the restrictions), extend your current walk – just make a little more special than usual.

2. Pretend you’re on a romantic trip with a virtual tour around Shakespeare’s Italy 

If you were originally planning to sweep your other half of their feet this Valentine’s day, it’s still virtually possible. Taking us on a trip to some of the most romantic places in Italy, this Valentine’s day, we can explore the country through Shakespeare’s eyes. From Verona, which was the backdrop of Romeo and Juliet, to Sicily, Rome and the gondola’s of Venice – there’s plenty to see and a lot to learn about some of the playwright’s most famous works. Get tickets here.

3. Bake sweet Portuguese custard tarts together

Looking for the perfect, romantic activity? Get your pinnys on and tune into a live pastel de nata masterclass, with a special date scheduled especially for Valentine’s Day. The class is hosted by pastry chef João, an expert in Portuguese custard tarts, who’ll be taking participants step-by-step in the process from start to finish. You’ll be able to cook along for the duration, and he’ll be sharing some of his pro tips along the way, too. Get tickets here.

4. Run a hot bath and watch Netflix from the bubbles

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Nothing says romance quite like a bubble bath, so if you’re out of creative ideas – just get the hot water running. To make the most of the relaxing occasion, grab a stool, pop a bit of Netflix on the laptop and wind down for an hour – either alone (#selfcare) or snuggled up with your loved one.

5. Enjoy a night of Disco Bingo together

Bring the disco to you this Valentine’s with a game of Disco Bingo – a fun, online game designed to liven up your lockdown. Couples, friends, everyone is welcome to play, with fab prizes up for grabs throughout the night and some great love songs to boogie to in your kitchen. Check it out here.

6. Make cocktails together

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Fed up of the pre-mixed tinnies? Gather some ingredients in your next essential shop for your favourite cocktails and make something a little more special for date night. Create a bit of a cocktail bar experience at home with some jazzy music, dim the lights and voila, it’s pretty much like being out, right?


7. Wind down with a Valentine’s Candlelight Concert

A fantastic experience for love birds to enjoy from home, Fever’s popular Candlelight series is going virtual this Valentine’s Day. Streaming a live performance from one of the UK’s most stunning settings “Finchcocks House”, one of Britain’s most talented concert pianists will be performing some of the most soothing classical arrangements – from Beethoven to Chopin. Not only that, there’s the option to have a hamper delivered in time for the show, which includes a red rose, pink prosecco, scented candles, and raspberry & champagne truffles. Get yours here.

8. Take on a murder mystery together

Consider yourselves a couple of budding sleuths? Work together to figure out whodunnit in an online murder mystery – this time, with a romantic novelist whose past three fiances have died suddenly. Will her newest beau survive this ‘deadly Valentine’? Or will he join her former lovers in the graveyard? The murder mystery takes place on 13th February, and you can book your place here.

9. Rent a new movie on Prime Video

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Streamed yourself silly already? Treat yourself to a rental on Amazon Prime. From new releases to old classics, there’s so much on offer – with new content regularly added to rent or buy. The platform often has offers available on their rental movies, with currently trending films available including Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

10. Sit back and listen to the stunning music of Whitney Houston live

A wonderful date night for music fans, this online Valentine’s event will see beautiful live performances by West End singer Shanay Holmes – who actually starred as Rachel Marron (Whitney’s character) in The Bodyguard. The talented singer will perform renditions of some of Whitney’s most iconic songs, providing a soothing backdrop to a lovely dinner set up at home. Get tickets here.

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