It’s World Vegetarian Day 2020 So Here’s 12 Of The Best Dublin Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurants

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It’s World Vegetarian Day 2020 So Here’s 12 Of The Best Dublin Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurants

Open yourself up to Dublin’s world of Veggie goodness.

Today (October 1) is World Vegetarian Day, a day to celebrate all the plant-based goodness in the world of cuisine. So what better time is there for us to tell you about some of the best veggie and vegan restaurants around Dublin. [Featured Image: Lefteris kallergis, Unsplash].

From gyros platters to loaded smoothie bowls to vegan street food meets fine dining, here are some delicious non-meat options around the city.

1. Sova Vegan Butcher

If you’re in the mood for some fine-dining style with low prices, look no further than the vegan kings Sova Vegan Butcher. Each dish is as exquisitely presented as it is scrumptious, and Sova specialises in the faux meat game. Think Vegan gyros, pulled pork, steaks, cod, cannelloni and much more.

📍 51 Pleasants Street, Saint Peter’s, D08 EF24

2. Sprout & Co. 

Sprout & Co. has multiple locations across Dublin, and is heavily revered by veggies around the city. The chain is based on fresh produce coming from their very own farm, so the options for all non-meat eaters are endless! Try everything from veggie boxes to sticky fried aubergine to avocado toast to falafel and miso plates. Head to one of the five open  locations in Dublin, and you’ll see what we mean.

📍 Multiple Locations

3. Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant

Along with doubling as great food shop, Cornucopia is another menu featuring solely veggie and vegan options. And, it’s part of Dublin’s rich history, standing in its spot and championing the veggie food since 1986. Upon entry, you’ll be taken into a lovely Georgian dining room, before being offered artisan bread burgers, peanut and lime stir fry, and lovely cakes. There’s even a full vegan breakfast buffet on Saturdays. Get scoffing!

📍 19-20 Wicklow Street, D02 FK27

4. Take A Veg

This is the go to spot for Dublin vegan junk food. If you love your hot dogs, spicy buffalo chicken-style sandwiches and “filet-no-fish” then this is the spot for you. Take A Veg even serve up a mean Mexican “veef” patty burger. Just feast your eyes on that.

📍 58 Parnell street, Moore Street Shopping Mall Unit 

5. Govinda’s 

Govinda’s give customers an entirely veggie and plan-based experience with a host of unique flavours to their name. They offer chickpea curries, mouth-watering samosas, tofu satay and much more. If you’ve still got room there’s trays of vegan cakes to add the cherry to your hearty meal.

📍 83 Middle Abbey Street, North City, D01 EV91

6. Veggie Vibe Cafe

Veggie Vibe Cafe stays true to its name. You’ll have great veggie food on offer, showered with a wonderful atmosphere. Whether your after avocado salads, tofu and blueberry cheesecakes, jumbo sized hot dogs or a simple no-dairy cup of coffee, VVC is definitely a spot you should all be hitting.

📍 Blackrock Market, 19a Main Street, Blackrock, Co.


7. Staple Foods

The perfect spot if you’ve just started a health kick. Staple Foods has a sleek design and classy dishes, ranging from red pepper bolognese to baked falafel with beansprouts and Asian slaw to chickpea dahl. The plates are rich in health and flavour, making it one of the perfect spots for veggie foods around Dublin.

📍 24A Grattan Street, Saint Peter’s, Dublin 2, D02 P891

8. Kale And Co.

Kale & Co. is a wonderful little stand serving up all kinds of healthy, delicious bowls. Check it out if you’re in the mood for a loaded smoothie — packed with oats, berries and other items — or a “nourish bowl” scattered with spinach, miso and more.

📍 18 Grangegorman Lower, D07 WF44

9. Umi Falafel 

If you’re a veggie Dubliner, chances are you’ve at least heard of this spot. There’s multiple locations around the city and, boy, do they know how to make our mouths water. This is seriously delicious, authentic falafel, from Palestinian to Lebanese styles, as well as a mean halloumi wrap to boot.

📍 Multiple locations

10. Cocu

Cocu is another Dublin spot with multiple locations, with a foodie philosophy based around “quality, creativity, simplicity”. Offering a variety of healthy dishes for all dietary needs, you’ll catch us gnawing on a yoghurt pot and some avocado for breakfast, or some pumpkin curry and harvest flatbread for lunch. Happy munching!

📍 Multiple locations 

11. Vegenity 

As the name would have you believe, Vegenity deals solely in plant-based produce. Their slogan is “where street food meets fine dining” and it sure lives up to that. Their new Vietnamese-inspired menu takes you through foodie paradise with drool-worthy “vish cakes” and mushroom pho that bursts with flavour.

📍 101 Dorset Street Upper, Inns Quay, D01 A2F4

12. Blazing Salads

Blazing Salads is a wonderful wholefoods vegan and veggie deli sat right in the heart of Drury Street. Visitors can choose to go healthy — there’s a stack of colourful bowls that will scratch any salad desires — or treat themselves to items such as the juicy plant-based burger.

📍 42 Drury Street, Dublin 2, D02 T210

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