15 Spots Around Dublin That Could Be Straight Out Of A Wes Anderson Movie

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

15 Spots Around Dublin That Could Be Straight Out Of A Wes Anderson Movie

Time for some colour!

It’s dreary time of year. It’s cold, dark, wet and we’ve been hit by the restrictions that mostly keeps us indoors. [Featured Image: Robert Anasch, Unsplash].

So, what to do to get some colour in your life? Well, a good place to start is some Wes Anderson movies. Colour pours out the screen in all directions. Days filled with The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom should help you get your fill in a great way.

But, what to do when you’re getting restless and need a walk, but still want something to brighten up your life? Great question, great question. Well, we have an answer of sorts… Just look at all the colourful spots in Dublin that could basically be in a Wes Anderson film.

Here are some of those wonderful spots for some inspiration of finding colour in the city during this low point of the year.

Equally, if you want to find out similar spots in other cities that you can’t visit right now, this Accidental Wes Anderson site is just for you Enjoy!

1. Dublin Area Rapid Transit

Image Credit: Carolyn Barr

2. The Gaiety Theatre

Image Credit: David Maguire

3. National Gallery of Ireland

Image Credit: Cassandra Daye


4. Dublin City Gallery

Image Credit: Giovanni Benevento


5. Tara Street

Image Credit: William Murphy, Flickr



6. Thomas Court

Image Credit: Joabe Ferreira


7. National Library of Ireland

Image Credit: David Maguire


8. Lucy’s Lounge

Image Credit: Cityswift, Flickr


9. Baily Lighthouse

Image Credit: Erik Sellgren


10. Iarnrod Eireann

Image Credit: David Maguire


11. The Hugh Lane

Image Credit: @arihese, Instagram

12. Dublin Doors

Image Credit: Robert Anasch, Unsplash


13. Howth

Image Credit: Henry Be, Unsplash


14. Colourpop Room

Image: Nicolas COMTE, Unsplash


15. Rainbow Street

Image Credit: Alexis Fauvet, Unsplash

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