You Can Now Get Paid £24K To Play With Puppies In Manchester & Please Can This Come To Dublin

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

You Can Now Get Paid £24K To Play With Puppies In Manchester & Please Can This Come To Dublin

Sound the ‘dream job’ klaxon!

If you asked me what my dream job would be twenty years ago (and even today), it would absolutely, undoubtedly involve puppies. Sorry, guys – but I can’t deny my love of dogs. They’re like walking, talking dopamine hits all wrapped up in a fluffy, cute parcel – here to give us snuggles when the world needs putting to rights. And cooking up the perfect role for animal lovers is Manchester-based Yappy, who has just announced that they’re recruiting for a Chief Puppy Officer (which I promise is as cute as it sounds).

Credit: Yappy

Offering £24,000 (pro-rata) a year for the prestigious position, the online pet shop is on the hunt for the pawfect candidate, who’ll be responsible for keeping the office pooches happy during their time at ‘work’. Duties include playing with the dogs, keeping them entertained and stimulated, market research with Yappy’s product range, and providing fun doggy days for different pooch personalities. It’s a ruff job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Anyone can apply for the position, with only a few requirements expected for the role. These include being ‘dog obsessed’ with a full camera roll of pooches to prove it, having experience handling dogs, the ability to understand their needs, being an expert tummy tickler, and being fully committed to providing the very best ‘doggy days’ for the pack.

Credit: Yappy

Sound like you? Applications are open until the 31st August, and you can create your application here by simply telling Yappy why you’d be perfect for the job.

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