The Handy ‘5km From Home’ Tool Has Evolved Into Its 20km Form And We’re Here For It

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

The Handy ‘5km From Home’ Tool Has Evolved Into Its 20km Form And We’re Here For It

This app now shows you the 20km radius from your home.

The trusty 5km from home app that everyone used for a bit in lockdown is getting a brand new glow-up, following the recent relaxation of some lockdown rules.

It’s now gaining powers we would never have thought possible a few months ago. In line with the new laws, it will become 20km from home, when the rules come into play from Monday April 12.


Over half a million people used this app in one day on March 28 2020, when it was introduced during the first lockdown in Ireland. So let’s see if it kicks off again as we aim to escape the repetitiveness of being kept inside, and can soar free from our 5km into our 20km. You can set the distance to your preference, in case measures change it’ll give you precise information. Very, very handy. But, let’s hope we don’t have to use it for too long, and that the Covid-19 situation improves even further to expand the distance!

For now, however, we’re grateful for our new 20km distance, after spending the best part of six months restricted to 5km from home. You can test it out by following this link. The app actually lets you add more pins if you and your friends share locations with each other.

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