Ireland’s “Most Haunted House” Is Under Spooky 24-Hour Surveillance This Halloween

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Ireland’s “Most Haunted House” Is Under Spooky 24-Hour Surveillance This Halloween

Are you brave enough to tune in?

Since we’re all expecting a rather different Halloween this year, why not tune into something very out of the ordinary. Being cooped up at home doesn’t mean there aren’t spooky activities out there. [Featured Image: @loftushallireland, Instagram].

How does tuning into a 24-hour stream of Ireland’s “most haunted house” sound? We know many will opt for watching a classic horror movie, be it John Carpenter’s Halloween, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, or Ari Aster’s Hereditary and Midsommar back-to-back viewings — but how about something eerily real?

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Loftus House is said to be “Ireland’s most haunted house”, and a 24-hour scary experience is coming for viewers today (October 30). The stream will last for the next three days. Loftus House even has its own creepy backstory.

A strange visitor on a stormy night is believed to have been let into the house, and the family’s daughter immediately fell in love with him. But, it was discovered he had hooves as feet and is said to have burst into flames after this revelation. The daughter, who later passed away in the house, apparently never recovered from this. She is is said to be spotted wandering the halls.

But will you catch sight of her? You’ve got three days to spot her yourself, or any other creepy goings on at Loftus House. Those who tune in will also have access to paranormal investigators checking out the house for all the spookiness. There are 12 cameras and a 360-degree experience to fully capture any horror.

To sign up or find out more information, head to the Loftus Hall website.

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