This Purrfect Digital Exhibition Teaches You The History Of Cats

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

This Purrfect Digital Exhibition Teaches You The History Of Cats

Let this exhibition whisk you away.

When the pandemic hit last year, a lot of people–quite naturally–panicked. And, famously in some instances, panic can lead to impulses. One such example of this were many people finding comfort in a new companion, in the form of an excitable puppy or a fluffy kitten. [Featured Image: UMA Virtual Tour].

If you’re one of these impulsive-pet-gainers, and swung to the side of “cat people”, it’s time for your ears to perk up. With the decision arriving so quickly, you might not have been completely au fait with the detailed, artistic version of cats… Okay, even previous cat owners might not be entirely clued up either.

Image: UMA

But, nonetheless, a wonderful tool has arrived online, that lets you digitally waltz round an art gallery–full to the brim with beautiful pictures of our favourite feline friends; and telling you about their historic time on this earth. Since museums and galleries here in Ireland still seem to be a while away from opening, this is the perfect time to educate yourself on cats.

Courtesy of the Universal Museum of Art, a new virtual exhibition gives cats the voice they deserve. It’s rich in their history, with many a painting depicted that you can click on and learn all about. With four rooms of purr-fect paintings and descriptions, all as adorable and majestic as you’d expect, cat lovers are really in for a treat here.


“Cats In Art History” is an online, digitally-generated Parisian mansion, boasting paintings from Renoir to Veronese to Rousseau to Manet. Or, should we say, Meow-net…

Visit the “Cats In Art History” exhibition now.

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