A Likely Date For The Return Of Indoor Dining In Ireland Has Been Named

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A Likely Date For The Return Of Indoor Dining In Ireland Has Been Named

Let’s hope this goes ahead.

As of now, we’re just a mere few days away from the triumphant return of hospitality in Ireland, with outdoor service returning from June 7. [Featured Image: Marc Lechanteur, Shutterstock].

And to coincide with that, easing us back into the concept, it looks like we may well be treated to a mini-heatwave of sorts for the start of the month. Guess that so-called luck-of-the-Irish might finally be cashing in it’s worth for 2021. It is about time eh?

To follow this, it now looks like we may have a date for the return of indoor service. NPHET have advised Cabinet Ministers for July 5 to mark the return of the indoor dining across the nation. It is thought that this is not confirmed yet, but it is the advice given to the government who will ultimately make the decision.

It is also thought public health experts are of the opinion that up to 5,000 spectators can attend outdoor events in large stadiums from early August, which could see sports fans flocking back into stadiums for games.

Let’s hope these measures can go ahead safely to follow on from the great outdoor summer we’ll enjoy during June.

All these measures are still unofficial and pending confirmation.

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