You Could Win €50 By Completing This Dublin Cafe’s Mega Breakfast Challenge

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

You Could Win €50 By Completing This Dublin Cafe’s Mega Breakfast Challenge

This is what the return of hospitality is all about.

There’s something so life-affirming and so joyous about seeing food challenges posted on the internet again after restaurants and cafes were shut for so long.

After months of having to settle for home-cooked breakfasts, Dubliners now have the chance to take on perhaps the most stacked breakfast roll I’ve ever seen, on the house from Pip’s Cafe and Deli. Oh, but there’s a small catch. You have to finish the whole darn thing to get it free. But you’ll also win €50 as a congratulations, which you’ll surely understand upon viewing the picture of the beast.

If you don’t manage to devour your plate–which quite frankly, no one could blame you for–you’ll pay €25 for taking on the challenge. Either way, you’ll have got yourself a mighty good feed in the process, so you can’t knock that price!

In this sheer monster you will find: 10 pieces of bacon, 10 Sausages, six hash browns, four black puddings, six white puddings, beans, five eggs and a portion of chip… all wrapped up in a 22-inch roll. Phwoar…

One more thing. You’ll get just 45 minutes to polish off this humungous plate. Head to Pip’s Cafe and DeliFacebook page and tag on of your pals who you reckon could finish this without breaking a sweat.

Me? I think I’ll be sticking to the standard-sized breakfast roll this weekend. But hey, upmost respect for anyone who attempts to take this beauty on.

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