You Can Now Pick Up Take-Home Espresso Martinis At This Dublin Café

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You Can Now Pick Up Take-Home Espresso Martinis At This Dublin Café

Remember not to drink them until you get home!

These pandemic days can get pretty samey, pretty quickly. So, if you fancy picking up something to liven the day, we might have the suggestion for you.

Mint Coffee are giving Dubliners the option of taking a treat home with them to enjoy in front of the TV to boost their day that little bit. The best caffeine-infused alcoholic drink is waiting for you to pick it up from their drive-thru.

To reiterate, these are for consumption once you arrive and are out of your vehicle! After that, you can tuck into your treat! Or, put it in the fridge for later to enjoy in front of a late night movie!

Mint Coffee are new on the block, having opened at the beginning of December. This new creation follows on from their festive treats involving whiskey. For those that can’t whip up a mean cocktail, this is the place you want to head if you want one fast.


If you’re feeling like something non-alcoholic, Mint Coffee offer some stunning hot chocolate creations, made from Reece’s pieces, Toblerone and more! And, don’t fret. They put aaaaall the marshmallows on top of them.

Sound like you thing? Check out their Instagram to feast your eyes on what they do.

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Monday - Friday: 8am-3pm. Saturday - Sunday: 9am-3pm.

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