Season Three Of Derry Girls Is Due To Begin Filming This Year

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Season Three Of Derry Girls Is Due To Begin Filming This Year

Fantastic news coming in the year of the binge.

2021 is following the lead of 2020 of being the year to simply watch all the shows. After all, there’s not many better things to do while we’re all stuck at home. [Featured Image: Keith Ewing, Flickr].

And, hopefully soon, some more wonderful content will arrive to make that even more fun. It has been confirmed that the third season of the beloved Derry Girls is on the way.

Actress Nicola Coughlan, who stars in Derry Girls, took to Twitter to spill the beans that series three of the wonderful Northern Ireland-based sitcom is due to begin filming this year.

She also added: “Covid has pushed back filming several times which has been so shite, but honestly the storylines in this series are the best we’ve ever done so I can’t tell you how worth it the wait will have been.”

So, lets keep all our fingers and toes crossed that it is safe enough for filming to go ahead and give us the brilliant new season. It doesn’t exist yet, but we know it’s going to be bloody amazing.

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