This Incredible Dublin Dumpling Spot Only Seats 15 People • Little Dumpling

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This Incredible Dublin Dumpling Spot Only Seats 15 People • Little Dumpling

A bright pink dumpling restaurant has just opened in Dublin, and the food is just as vibrant as the front door.

The team behind Little Dumpling started off serving sushi but re-opened as a dedicated dumpling restaurant in December 2019.

The restaurant does a deal that includes one of each dumpling, miso and a side for €15, which seems like the best way to sample as much as possible. And just you wait until you try the long bao dumplings! They’re filled with a soup that you can just drink right up with a straw.

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All of Little Dumpling’s dumplings are filled to the brim with delicious ingredients. Flavours include: Castletownbere crab, prawn and pork xiao; roast duck xiao and hoisin sauce; and beef, crispy shallots and teriyaki sauce.

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Veggies and vegans needn’t feel left out, as there are spinach & wild mushroom or carrot & spicy kimchi dumplings on offer, too.

However, the real standout amongst them all has to be the Nutella dumplings with vanilla ice-cream and marshmallows. They are fried so you get the lovely contrast of a crunchy coating and the soft Nutella as you take a bite.

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Everything looks beautiful. Some of their dishes are coloured with natural ingredients like beetroot, giving them a lovely pink appearance. Plus, a lot of the ingredients are sourced locally within Ireland, such as the duck, which is from County Monaghan, and obviously the Castletownbere crab.

The restaurant is tiny—it only seats fifteen people—so there won’t always be somewhere to sit immediately. But the good news is that dumplings don’t take very long to cook, so hopefully you won’t be waiting long for a table!

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