Plans Are In Place For A 3,000 Seat Outdoor Dining Space In Temple Bar

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Plans Are In Place For A 3,000 Seat Outdoor Dining Space In Temple Bar

This can’t come soon enough!

If all goes to plan, we’re almost exactly one month away from being able to enjoy a meal and glug down a few pints in the great outdoors. Yes, on June 7, it is expected that the hospitality industry will open up properly for the first time in the whole of 2021. [Featured Image: Rolf G Wackenberg, Unsplash].

And, we’re all sure to gain a wonderful new appreciation for the art of dining and drinking outdoors. For at least the first month of pubs and restaurants returning, they will only be allowed to serve outdoors.

We’ve already had news about makeshift pedestrianised spots to make room for diners, such as in Merrion Row, which is sure to be a hub of excitement. Plus, there is now news of plans to set up a whopping 3,000 outdoor seats in Temple Bar in time for the summer.

According to The Irish Times, cafes and pubs will set up their seats across 17 streets in the Temple Bar area under plan drafted by the Temple Bar Company. Plans are to be submitted to Dublin City Council.

If it did go ahead, footpath; pedestrian squares; loading bays; and some road space would be all be used for space. Plans suggest that Fleet Street would boast the highest number of seats for diners (820), followed by Parliament Street (548), Essex Street East (482), Meeting House Square (400) and Temple Bar Square (296).

For now, we go back to twiddling our thumbs and crossing our fingers for these plans to go ahead.

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